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Voyaginが面談を実施したホストです。 詳しくはよくある質問をご確認ください。

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  • 入場パスが通常価格の20%OFFでご購入頂けます。
  • 無料シャトルバス付き(ジャングルホッパー、ドラゴン、レオパードパックのみ)
  • 象に乗ったり、ジャコウネコやオランウータンと一緒に写真撮影、更にライオンとの食事も!
  • 伝説のバリの神々が登場するショーで地元の伝統芸能を堪能頂けます!

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- バリアグンショーは月曜日はお休みです


[出発時間] [場所]  [ピックアップポイント]
08.30 am Kuta Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta
08.45 am Kuta Gloria Jeans Coffee (Kuta Square)
08.30 am Legian Sol House Bali Legian
08.50 am Sanur Sanur Paradise Hotel
08.40 am Sanur McDonald's Sanur
08:30 am Sanur Sanur Paradiso Suites
08.30 am Nusa Dua Royal Santrian
08.45 am Nusa Dua Novotel Nusa Dua
08.30 am Seminyak The Breezes
08.45 am Seminyak The Trans Resort Sunset Road
08.45 am Ubud Plataran Hotel and Resort
08.30 am Ubud Coco Supermarket

[出発時間] [場所] [ドロップオフポイント]
03.00 & 05.30 pm Kuta Gloria Jeans Coffee (Kuta Square)
03.00 & 05.30 pm Kuta Bali Dynasty Resort
03.00 & 05.30 pm Sanur Sanur Paradise Hotel
03.00 & 05.30 pm Sanur McDonald's Sanur
03.00 & 05.30 pm Sanur Sanur Paradiso Suites
05.30 pm Nusa Dua Royal Santrian
05.30 pm Nusa Dua Novotel Nusa Dua
04.30 pm Seminyak The Breezes
04.30 pm Seminyak The Trans Resort
04.30 pm Ubud Plataran Hotel and Resort
04.30 pm Ubud Coco Supermarket

<ナイトサファリ専用 シャトルバス>
[出発時間] [集合場所]
16:30 Jalan Kartika PlazaのBali Dynasty Resort Hotel Kuta
17:00 Novotel Nusa Dua
17:00 Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel

21:00 バリサファリ発
目的地:Bali Dynasty Resort Hotel Kuta、Novotel Nusa Dua、Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel



- パスポート(本人確認が行われる可能性がございますので、念のため携帯くださいますようお願い致します)

- 動きやすい靴
- カメラ
- ウォーターパーク用の水着
- 日焼け止め(平均28 - 33度のため、日焼け止めの持参を推奨しています)
- 笑顔!


レビュー (214)

  • Tomohiko Tomohiko


    Leopard パックで利用しました。
    レストランのバッフェは美味しくてleopard だとエアコン付きのVIPエリアで快適です。

  • Tony Tony

    Bali safari review

    Amaaaazing day! Wouod definitely bring the whole family and visit again
    Cheerz from Lebanon
    Tony and Anne-Sophie

  • Anyu Anyu

    Loved the Park but felt not really good about the ticket purchase

    I was satisfied with the journey and lion restaurant. the shows were amazing too.
    the only problem was that i had never received a confirmation email from Govoyagin, which they said would be sent to me for entering the park. Even though the online costumer service promised me for many times that they would informed the zoo staff my admission, the staff couldn't find my information so i wasted about extra 20 mins at the ticket counter. Really felt bad about that.

  • Sean Sean

    Best Zoo in Bali (and most other places)

    First, booking through Voyagin was extremity easy
    In fact it was so easy I was expecting something to go wrong until i entered the park

    The Bali Safari park is excellent. you can get close and personal with many of the animals and they use glass or motes to separate you from the animals rather then cages

    The animal shows are well presented and very entertaining just try to go on a dry day as they wont run of it's raining

    They also have a great water park so make sure your kids bring there bathers. towels are provided, you just need a deposit.

    I would list this park as one of the "must do's" if your in bali

  • George George

    Love the Safari Bus Tour.

    Easy to buy tickets online. The Safari Park was easy to get to from Seminyak. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed our stay at the park. Would definitely go there again.

  • Merome Merome

    good value

    Was easy to use and great value for money. All worked out well

  • billy billy


    Went with my wife and 2 year old daughter. Great day made even better knowing I got 20percent of ticket prices

  • Lee Lee


    It was pretty good

  • Stacey Stacey

    Excellent experience

    Absolutely amazing safari and marine park. Opportunities to see so many more animals than our family could imagine. It is amazing to see the animal, tiger and elephant shows and have the use of grandstands so all can see. So coming back and spending 2 days next time :)

  • Monika Monika

    Easy To Purchase

    It was very easy to purchase on line. It was great getting reminders and transport availability. Would use this again.

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