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Avoid the crowds at the public starting point and climb Mount Batur via a more private path starting from Toya Bungkah. Admire the 360-degree view of the surrounding islands and actually make a circle around the crater for a spectacular sunrise!

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  • Enjoy a more private route to climb Mount Batur (no crowds here!)
  • Take in the spectacular sunrise from the summit!
  • Taste delicious eggs cooked with the steam from the fissures in the volcano
  • Go exploring with the best hiking guides from the Batur area
  • Solo Travelers are more than Welcome to book with a Solo Traveler Add-On!

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Try to sleep early the night before the hike, so you are not too tired when we start at approximately 4am

Solo travellers are welcome!

If you are staying overnight with us, just be sure to bring petty cash with you if you would like to visit the hot springs nearby and for your dinner. All other expenses are included.


- Strong hiking boots or sports shoes
- Comfortable clothes and bring a sweater and a thin coat as it can get cold at the top.
- Also, don't forget your camera!

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Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tours
  • English (Fluent)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Fluent)

Our trekking agency, founded in 2006 is specialized in Batur and Agung Trekking. You will start Batur's hike from a private path, with the best guides on the island. They are all very qualified and English speakers.

By booking with us, we guarantee you that your hike will be the highlight of your holidays !
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  • Kirk Kirk

    Great climb and an even better view!

    Great fun and one heck of an experience. The host was welcoming and the guides are top notch.

    Thanks to the journey.

  • Brianna Brianna

    Amazing experience - view well worth the climb!

    I booked this trek a little worried that it would be above my fitness level, I'm of average fitness (go to gym several times a week but mostly strength training and little cardio/endurance). Whilst the climb was certainly taxing, it is very doable and you can stop as often as you need. We stopped about 4 or 5times on the way up to the summit, and I took a few short breaks on the final ascent to the peak which is the hardest part.
    We were picked up from Seminyak around 1.30am and it is a VERY long trip to/from so be prepared for about 2.5hrs of travel each way.
    We booked this on an impulse so didn't have any equipment other than active wear and sports shoes, but our guide was able to find us a backpack which was really helpful.
    We were so lucky as we had a brilliant group of girls ranging from 22 - 30 y/o and we spent a lot of the trek chatting and laughing. Our guide Ketut was also very patient and well-humoured (he took a lot of crap from us haha) and once we hit the top, he had some excellent photography skills that he put to good use!
    There were quite a few groups on our path so it's not really that private, not sure how busy the other path is.
    Brekky at the top is basic - 2 boiled eggs, some oily toast (apparently banana toast but didn't taste like that to me) and some fruit. You can also purchase a coffee or hot chocolate for about 30000 and they come in a big cup, we were very appreciative!
    The descent was actually much easier than anticipated - it took us just under 2hours to get up there about probably about 1hr or so to get down.
    Sunrise and the views are STUNNING and well worth the trek. My friend and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the experience :-)

  • Judy Judy

    Great way to spend a morning

    This is definitely a trek for the reasonably fit. There are 3 paths up Mount Batur: easy, medium & hard. Most tours go through the easy one, which is a longer route. This is medium.

    The first 30 mins you're going on an incline through crunchy forest floor, then 30mins of rocky incline, and the last 30 mins is pretty intense. Very rocky steps and in the dark you're going to have to be careful of where you put your feet to get a good grip and avoid gaps in the footpath. Once you're going down I found the middle bit to be the trickiest as it's VERY slippery. Lots of loose rocks. There are 2 summit points, the last 30 mins is the steepest and most slippery as you'll be climbing a very sharp incline of volcanic soil + loose rocks.

    The guides walked very fast. This split the group in half with those gunning for the top and those who were slower. For those who don't want to feel the pressure racing up and down, consider going on a private tour. But if not, don't worry as there are 2 guides on the trip who'll take care of both groups.

    We were in Ubud so the pick up time was a reasonable (!) 2.30am, it'll be earlier the further you are. It was a smooth hour's drive from Ubud to the starting point where you get a bit of coffee while waiting for everyone to arrive, and from there we started walking directly to the mountain about 5 mins away at around 4am. Yes it DOES get very chilly up there especially if it's very windy, but bring something you can easily tie around your waist during the climb as the workout will keep you warm. My partner borrowed a jacket from the guides as he forgot his. The whole hike is about 1.5 - 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down, and you spend about an hour at the top. The guides brought breakfast which is great, but we gave most of it to the monkeys you'll see at the summit.

    I was particularly worried about the weather since I saw lightning in the distance and Google mentioned thunderstorms in certain parts of Ubud in the morning, but our guides assured us that the weather was going to be fine and it was.

    There are much cheaper options you can get elsewhere, but for the professionalism (very well organised with pick up, contact number, amenities, clear itinerary and prices) and wonderful guides (our guide G brought us up and Made showed us the hot springs, chatted with us about a cave and a little bit of history of the area) we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and couldn't recommend this enough!

  • Rikesh Rikesh

    Great tour and guides!

    Tour guide was on time for pick-up. Allowed us to go at our own pace (which was quick for us!). Then dropped us back at our villas/hotels when we wanted to leave after summiting the mountain. Great group, super friendly staff, and all-around great experience. My only advice would be to change the breakfast to PB&J's :)

  • Mercedes Mercedes

    Most Amazing Time!

    So glad I booked with this company. I had the most amazing time. The climb is no joke, very tiring and exhausting, I was on the swim team and field hockey team in high school and I was still the slow one in the pack haha, G one of the trek guides was kind enough to stay behind with me. We made it to the top and he was just awesome! Super friendly, his English is so good I swear I thought he was Australian hahaha. G took so many pics for me and was just all around a great guy who made the experience that much more awesome. I met a lot of great people and made a few friends doing this hike too so that is a nice memory. The view from the top is breathtaking. The whole time up you are definitely going to wonder why you decided to wake up at 2 am to climb what is one of the most exhausting treks but the view makes it worth it. The peak of the sun rising as you stand above the clouds is something you cannot dream but have to experience. Definitely get the hot springs package, you'll definitely need it. I would do it again and definitely with the lovely G!

  • Rebekah Rebekah

    Great fun but cloudy

    We had a group of 6 (me, my partner & a Russian family with 2 children) with 1 guide named Maddy. Maddy was really lovely and chatty, and spoke very good English. She knew all about the history of the volcano. The climb was good fun and not too hard, I'm off average fitness and managed it fine. Unfortunately we couldn't see the sun rise at the top due to cloud, but we waited up there until it had cleared a bit and ate breakfast. We got to see the beautiful views. The climb down was hard and slippery but doable. We went in March 2017 and didn't find it busy. I've never climbed a mountain before and found it enjoyable.

  • Matthew Matthew

    Nice hike

    Gentle hike (about 2 hours) to the summit of Mt. Batur. You're provided with breakfast at the top (boiled eggs, toast, fruit, juice and a tea or coffee). Not too strenuous if you have okay physical fitness. Good view from the top

  • Shana Shana

    fun and the sunrise is beautiful. :)

    fun and the sunrise is beautiful. :)

  • Taras Taras


    Thank you!
    I had a very nice experience with Jre if I'm not wrong spelling his name. Amazing guide. Enjoyed our trekking a lot. He was not rushing always entertaining our small group of people. Shown everything around. Would recommend to trek Batur with him.

  • Connor Connor

    10/10 would recommend

    The hike itself is quite hard, but worth every step! Had an exclenent guid who took us at our own pace, spoke good English and made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Got to the top about an hour before sunrise, had a nice breakfast cooked in the hot steams and enjoyed the spectacular views as the sun came up! This has been the highlight of my trip so far

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