Things to do 6 Fashion di Shibuya

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  • Kurt Kurt

    Discover the concept of Kawaii in Harajuku and Shibuya!

    Discover the concept of Kawaii in Harajuku and Shibuya! What we found appealing was the fact that this tour covers the Meiji Shrine and Takeshita St. Our favourite part was probably walking through Takeshita St and seeing so many eateries and popular shops while trying to navigate through a sea of people (we went during Golden Week, so everywhere will generally be more crowded due to this national holiday).

    Visiting Meiji Shrine was great too, very peaceful and zen. It doesn't feel like you are actually in a city full of hustle and bustle.

    Our host, Yu, was excellent. He was enthusiastic and answered all our questions. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. In addition, at this time we also had a lolita, Ai, guide us along the tour and gave us an insight into the world of lolitas, the lifestyle and fashion.

    The care they showed us was fantastic. At one point, on the way to Shibuya (walking to the train station) A few of the people in our group couldn't go on anymore due to walking all day the previous day and today and had blisters etc. So a taxi was organised to take to Shibuya instead of us having to take the train. Very convenient!

    Afterwards they brought us to a kawaii cafe that was Alice In Wonderland themed and we enjoyed some sweets.

    Visiting Harajuku and Shibuya and wonderful experiences that a visit to Japan would not be complete without.

    We would like to thank Yu and Ai for their hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed this one!

  • Roger Roger

    Discover Artistic Daikanyama and Nakameguro Neighborhoods!

    Discover Artistic Daikanyama and Nakameguro Neighborhoods! Kota is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable host who knows this area very well. I also appreciated his flexibility in adding a requested attraction to the tour and the background research he conducted.

    Highly recommended.