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Ulasan untuk Sake di Osaka

  • Sarah Sarah

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries I had the best time on this tour and Yoshimi was the best host! The price was absolutely worth it! I really enjoyed the knowledge, photos and lunch, plus Yoshimi's wonderful company!

  • Sean Sean

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries My partner and I booked the sake brewery tour with Yoshi for Sunday 5th November. We had an absolute blast. Yoshi is a great host and guide, and very personable.

    She enthusiastically greeted us at the train station, which was changed due to our location to make it easier for us. Off we went to a few breweries with plenty of tastings and a lot of information. Yoshi has a lot of local knowledge so we were given plenty of other activities to do also. We ended the tour with lunch at a local steakhouse, which Yoshi very graciously accepted our invitation for so make sure you ask her for lunch!

    All in all, we had a great morning and would definitely recommend for others to book this tour.

  • Dion Dion

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries We had a great time with Yoshi touring the Nada breweries. Amazing, you have to do it.

  • John John

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries I found Yoshimi on goVoyagin after looking around for a sake tour for kobe that was for a smaller group (myself and my partner) and a little more personalized.
    I contacted Yoshini on availability and she got back to me very quickly with a timeslot and once booked, ran me through a few options for the tours breweries and lunch.
    The tour itself was fantastic. We met Yoshimi on the day at Uozaki station, took a short walk to Kikumasamune brewery. There we learnt about the end to end processes of making sake ( waaay more complicated than I'd thought), saw a mini Museum of the tools used during the sake process, and then a sake tasting of the different types of sake we'd learnt about.
    Onto the second part of the tour, we took another quick walk to Sakabayashi restaurant for lunch. At Sakabayashi we had an excellent 3 course traditional Japanese meal, the matcha coated mochi for desert was delicious.
    Next we walked next door to the Fukuju brewery to browse the gift shop and some more quick sake tasting, while waiting for the special tasting event to start.
    Now the special tasting was the main event for the afternoon, it's a biannual event the brewery runs to let the public try the full range of new sakes before anyone else - including the top of the range award winning varieties.
    It turned out the events pretty popular, around 70 other people had turned up.
    In the breweries main hall they'd setup 6 tasting tables for their new sakes, once the owner had introduced himself, he took us through each sake - what type it was and what we should expect. He asked us to assess the colour, the smell and the taste to compare the sake.
    The tasting itself, once we started, was very fun, the people at the event were very friendly, each of the sake's were fantastic - with the 2 dryer ones been my personal favourites. Once everyone had tried each of the sakes, people broke off to mingle or reconfirm their favourite sake.
    Afterwards we took another browse of the gift shop for some presents for family and friends, before Yoshimi walked us back to Mimage station.

    Overall the tour was great. Yoshimi was a fantastic guide, very friendly, very organised, excellent english, and kept to schedule. The highlight was the special tasting which was an awesome coincidence it lined up for our tour.
    I would happily recommended Yoshimi as a guide.


  • Candas Candas

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries It is a must have tour if you are around Osaka/Kyoto area since Kobe has been the place for Sake production.
    You can see 2 different factory during the tour and understand whole Sake production process with old/new techniques. You can also take some photos with traditional apparel and ofcourse taste/buy best Sakes in the world.
    Yoshimi our guide, she knows the area well and makes every step easier for you. You won't miss any opportunity thanks to her during your visits to factories/shops. Totally worth it.