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  • Abd Halim Abd Halim

    20% OFF Whole Package of Japanese Experiences at Home, Tokyo

    20% OFF Whole Package of Japanese Experiences at Home, Tokyo Our visit to Noriko’s home was the highlight of our holiday. She showed us authentic Japanese culture - as practiced by real Japanese folks.

    Noriko is talented, smart and graceful. We had great conversations and felt very welcome at her beautiful home. As promised, she demonstrated the tea ceremony elegantly, played Kodo beautifully, made delicious Okonomiyaki for lunch, and helped us into exquisite Japanese traditional costumes. But it was the way she did those things that made them so special.

    At first, we were unsure if our son would enjoy a cultural experience. Like most 5-year old boys, his interests are robots and computer games. But Noriko was great with children - she made learning Japanese culture a lot of fun. My son couldn’t stop laughing at his own tea ceremony performance (which wasn’t too bad considering he’s only 5). He even requested to try playing host and made Matcha tea for us. Noriko was only too happy to oblige.

    Whilst we were having tea, Noriko played the Kodo. What an amazing instrument… the sound is so rich. She then taught us how to play (by numbers). I was surprised that I can play a whole song in just a few minutes!

    At lunchtime, our little boy helped Noriko made Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style) – which was very tasty.

    Noriko has a collection of very exquisite (and very expensive) kimonos. My wife chose the classic looking one, and in about 20 minutes (of hard work), she came out looking like a Japanese doll. I chose a handsome Yukata and a replica sword. A few minutes later, I looked like a respectable Samurai (in my own mind, at least). My son got into a Ninja costume, and the three of us had a great time striking some poses around Noriko’s house. My son and I even strolled around the neighbourhood (in our Samurai and Ninja costumes) whilst waiting for my wife to put on her kimono.

    We had a great time. Noriko treated us with much kindness – it felt like we were visiting an old friend. Needless to say, we parted as good friends and promised to keep in touch. Arigato gozaimasu Noriko-san!

  • Kévin Kévin

    Interact with Sea Animals in Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba!

    Interact with Sea Animals in Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba! Although it's a little bit far from tokyo (the trip by train takes 2 hours and then you have to take the free shuttle bus for 10mins to get to the park), there are quite a lot of fun things to see and shows are running almost every 30 mins. If you want to participate in events like touching the dolphins or things like that, be sure to register as soon as you get to the park because they have limited seats and sell out very quickly. Overall, this was a great experience !

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Express Your Feelings with Japanese Calligraphy: Shodo

    Express Your Feelings with Japanese Calligraphy: Shodo Had just finished my very first Shodo and Makiko sensei was very supportive and encouraging during the whole session and was able to write a passable kanji letter. Thank you sensei. It was quite an experience for me at the same time so refreshing peaceful.

  • Fayez Fayez

    20% OFF Whole Package of Japanese Experiences at Home, Tokyo

    20% OFF Whole Package of Japanese Experiences at Home, Tokyo Noriko met us at the train-station with a big smile and escorted us to her home. Being at home with a Japanese family is an interesting experience with an added value to visit to a beautiful Japan. Noriko is a wonderful person. She is a knowledgeable about the history of Japan, very caring, happy person and will make you feel comfortable in her home. If we visit Tokyo again, we would definitely be glad to see Noriko again. She is so friendly person. I highly recommend you to visit Noriko at her home.

  • Ma Justina Ma Justina

    Interact with Sea Animals in Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba!

    Interact with Sea Animals in Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba! This GoVoyagin Package was the best decision we made on this trip- you get tickets to Kamogawa seaworld as well as reserved seats on the JR Express Train to awa-kamogawa (travel time 1hr53min). The train ride is comfortable, convenient and scenic through the countryside and seaside. There is a free shuttle bus that goes to and from the JR station and SeaWorld (5min ride). We even got bonus JR/Seaworld coupons to spend on food or souvenirs at the park. The park itself is amazing, with sea mammals as the highlight. The mammals are happy, energetic and interactive. It is easy to catch all the shows (sea lion, beluga, dolphin, orca) as well as tour the exhibits. There are plenty of food choices but the best lunch area is the Ocean restaurant with a view of the orca tank. My son has dreamt of seeing the orca all his life. And this experience was definitely as up-close and personal as an 11yr old can get. I recommend this tour package to everyone visiting Tokyo. Definitely a must-see.