Things to do 108 Petualangan dan Penjelajahan di Jepang

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Hasil 1 - 36 dari 108

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  • Joseph Joseph

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo My brother and I went for a 9:30am slot, and it was totally a blast! Miya and Taku were so friendly and welcoming to us and showed us the ropes. My brother had never been go-karting and just got his license recently so it was a ton of fun for him and surprisingly safe! I would definitely recommend this for anyone. We were the only two people in the squad so our guide Miya became our personal photographer and Taku was so friendly enough afterwards to lead us to a friend's coffee shop after! A definite must!

  • Victor Victor

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo

    37% OFF Go-Kart Asakusa in Tokyo Anybody who is going to Tokyo should experience this at least once!! We got the grand tour! It’s about 1hour 30min long! You get to see so many sites!

  • Ellen Ellen

    Kyoto Hiking Tour with Great Views of Kyoto and Osaka

    Kyoto Hiking Tour with Great Views of Kyoto and Osaka I definitely recommend this tour to everyone.
    Our guide Tomo is a very friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated guide who loves outdoors.

    The meeting point is easy to find,
    super convenient to access.
    The trail is also very close to public transportation.
    It is nicely designed to fit tourists who also want to explore city in one day.

    The trail was so tranquil that you will forget you are close to the busy sightseeing spot.
    Tomo went along with my pace, checking if we were ok. He made sure it was enjoyable for everyone.

    At the top of mountain, the view expanded all the sudden. That was the most exciting part of this hike! This is the best tour if you want to take a rest from crowded sightseeing spots but still be able to see different aspect of city.

    It was absolutely one of the memorable experiences to go hiking in historical city, Kyoto.
    Most of all, we enjoyed Tomo's company!
    Thank you so much.

  • Karim Karim

  • Alvin Alvin

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees!

    Explore Aokigahara, the Sea of Beautiful Trees! I wish I can post more photos to show everyone how beautiful this trip was, instead of 3 pictures. Tomomi was a great guide to help us understand this forest and nature around Mt Fuji. This route I found so many beautiful mushroom, I called “mushroom hunting trip” ...hehe
    My friends from Facebook all surprise when they saw our pictures in Bat cave. It was a small cave but it was fun and nice for beginners like us. Really cool, but not for children or someone afraid of the dark though.

    I strongly recommend this trip with Tomomi because she needs money so that she can travel to the US to visit our home !!! Hahaha...Just joking !
    Tomomi was well prepared and her English was very good.
    Hope everyone take this trip with her will have a happy time at Mt Fuji.

    A lot of walking so prepare your lower body strength.
    Good mountain walking shoe because it was slippery in the cave and the forest full of mosses on the rock and path.
    We stayed at Shibuya so it was a long way for us to get to Kawaguchiko station and back. I recommend staying in around Mt. Fuji town to save travel time.
    The lakes are beautiful and we forgot our swimsuits, I don’t know if they let you swim but it looks very tempting ....

    Alvin & Ann
    From California