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  • Lauren Lauren

    Nagaoka Festival Bus Tour with Bath—Optional Yukata Rental

    Nagaoka Festival Bus Tour with Bath—Optional Yukata Rental What an amazing experience! This is very much aimed at Japanese people with little to no English spoken by the tour guides/event itself BUT not to be missed if you have the opportunity. I have never seen anything like this amazing display of fireworks anywhere in the world and we felt very privileged to be a part of the festivities.

    Everyone was so welcoming, helpful and inclusive even though the language barrier was more prominent then any other time during our trip. We did ended up doing our own research on the history of the festival and even translated a website with the event run down. It was so easy to get swept away in the story telling, music and of course amazing fireworks! 100% would go again!

  • Shannon Shannon

    Nov 23rd Only: Ebisu-ko Fireworks Show & Snow Monkey Tour

    Nov 23rd Only: Ebisu-ko Fireworks Show & Snow Monkey Tour We missed our train and the guide went above and beyond to accommodate the delay and still fit in the full tour.
    Each place we stopped was interesting, and our guide was knowledgeable and gave insights into details that most tours skip.
    Food was delicious at each place we went to.

    The fireworks show was fantastic, and totally different from what you would think of as a typical "fireworks" show in the US - it was a 2 hour competition, featuring unique and beautiful fireworks.

    DRESS WARM. We had opportunities to warm up in the van between stops, and they lent us big jackets for the fireworks show, but it was very very cold!

    Would highly recommend!

  • Dion Sok Nam Dion Sok Nam

    Write a Review and Watch Fireworks for Free on 8/20!

    Write a Review and Watch Fireworks for Free on 8/20! Really thank God heavy rain, strong wind or any coming typhoon totally stopped, with only very wet chairs, in the big open space, before firework (an hour) started on time.
    Received emails well in advance as reminder.
    All my doubts were cleared promptly by the host.
    A week before actual day, email sent stating not able to provide free "yukata", nevertheless, went in my own "yukata" (01st time wearing) bought years ago from "uniqlo". Praise God my Japanese husband managed for the 1st time (repeated watching many times instructions from u-tube) to self-made a presentable ribbon @ the back of the "yukata" for me. We rushed out from the hotel room, in sweat, bought "bento" for dinner & managed to arrive half an hour early with wet umbrellas.

  • Ka Ka

    Write a Review and Watch Fireworks for Free on 8/20!

    Write a Review and Watch Fireworks for Free on 8/20! Despite the heavy rain throughout the day, it miraculously stopped raining right when the fireworks started. The 12,000 fireworks lasted an hour, but my boyfriend and I were very much entertained by the variety of the fireworks. It was amazing how many variety of fireworks there were! Many people brought in their own food and beverages, which I should have done too. I have been to many firework events, but this one was one of the least crowded, which was good. It could be because we had assigned seat or maybe it was because there were other big fireworks event going on that same night. After doing a research, I found out that this firework event also has stage performance and street food booths at another viewing spot called Jingu Stadium. If I knew earlier, I would have been more interested in going to Jingu Stadium instead of where we were, Tokyo Gymnasium. However, I do recommend Tokyo Gymnasium if you want to avoid a crazy crowd. It is also nice to know that the revenue from this firework event goes for a good cause.