Things to do 77 Kerajinan Tangan di Jepang

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Hasil 1 - 36 dari 77

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  • Michelle Michelle

    Join a Japanese Pottery Class

    Join a Japanese Pottery Class The class was conducted in English. Easy to follow instructions. We were given ample time to work on the wheel. Instructors had excellent skills. Firing of works at a separate charge. They will mail you your works three weeks later. Looking forward to see the final results.

  • Stevie Stevie

    Join a Japanese Pottery Class

    Join a Japanese Pottery Class My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our pottery experience. It's something I've wanted to try for a long time so to have my first experience here leaves a wonderful memory. Our teacher was kind, funny and very patient with us. We manged to create 3 vessels each in our 1 hour session here. It was very relaxing and quite a therapeutic experience.

    After you create your vessels you can choose one or all to have glazed and fired. Thankfully we had a months trip so were able to go back a few weeks later to collect our pots but if you don't have that time then the work can be shipped to you for a fee. The pots themselves I feel were a good price and I didn't think it was expensive anyway.

    The only negatives I have to say are the glaze choices were either cream or black (both look great but I would have liked more colour options) and finding the place was difficult as they never responded to my messages until 30 minutes before our session started, by which time we had almost arrived. Grateful for google maps!

    Overall though, lovely staff, great teacher and a fun, exciting experience! ありがとうございました!

  • Bozhana Bozhana

    Make Japanese Wind Chime at a Blacksmithy in Sanjo, Niigata

    Make Japanese Wind Chime at a Blacksmithy in Sanjo, Niigata I really had a great time at Sanjo Kaji Dojo. It was my type of experience - away from the popular tourist routs, but still close to attractive spots such as Sado island and Yahiko shrine. My instructor was very patient and fun to work with. The area around Kita-sanjo station is very authentic, with small quiet streets and tiny yards. My advice is to leave the hectic rhythm of the big cities where it belongs, and enjoy the afternoon.

  • Yufei Yufei

    Make Old Tokyo Cut Glass in Sumida, Tokyo

    Make Old Tokyo Cut Glass in Sumida, Tokyo It was so far one of the best experience in Tokyo. By trying to make an edo kiriko by ourselves, we came to appreciate more about the art of Edo Kiriko. Also the cups available to buy was of better price compared with buying overseas, was a precious experience making the glass, and I do hope there could be more sessions for more advanced techniques or practice.

  • Tony Tony

    Craft your own Japanese Stone Seal

    Craft your own Japanese Stone Seal This was more difficult than it looks on the website, but the host will help you if you make a mistake. Got to meet four nice people who work there. Unbelievable how the Japanese can make such very detailed stamp designs with hand. I would recommend this activity for all.