Things to do 5 Kesenian & Budaya di Tanah Lot

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Ulasan untuk Kesenian & Budaya di Tanah Lot

  • Sourabh Sourabh

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides We didn't have a plan in mind but the driver guide was very helpful in planning a tour around ubud.he was with us everytime and explained everything very nicely

  • Yekaterina Yekaterina

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides We had a great time on our customizable Ubud tour. Our tour guide Sherif was very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. He provided suggestions based on what I wanted to do and see so that we could avoid the most crowded times at each place. He also have a us a lot of insight into the culture and practices of the Indonesian and Balinese people and really ensured that we got a lot out of the experience.

  • Lill Kristin Lill Kristin

    Bali Sunset Tour: Uluwatu & Tanah Lot

    Bali Sunset Tour: Uluwatu & Tanah Lot Fantastic experience with a very knowledgeable and really nice guide who spoke English very well. Safe driver. Always ready to customize the trip at my request. I learned a lot about Hinduism in Bali, super interesting.

  • Sierra Sierra

    Explore Ubud & Tanah Lot in One Day

    Explore Ubud & Tanah Lot in One Day This tour was unbelievably amazing. Nyoman, our tour guide was most focused on catering to our wants, our interests and making sure we were able to see the main things we wanted to.
    Having a limited amount of time in Bali, we managed to see the monkey forest, the waterfall in Ubud, the Ricefields AND Tanah Lot... the 4 main places we wanted to see - and we were able to choose what we wanted to do and when we wanted to... plus took our own time at certain places when we wanted a rest and to relax a little.
    Had lunch at a recommended restaurant - forest restaurant - and it was one of the most amazing experiences we’d had - and EXTREMELY reasonable in price.
    Having my mum travel with my partner and I for the first time from Australia - she’s got issues with her feet and finds it hard to climb up and down stairs - especially ones that are too steep and if there are too many stairs in general... Nyoman catered to that and recommended a few other things and places to visit that’d cater to her needs as well.
    Also - because of the heat, he recommended we do the monkey forest first before going to the rice fields and lunch because we would be under shade at the monkey forest - great recommendation.
    He also didn’t recommend a few other things because once we’d visited the first few places, he noticed we were all about views and good pics in good locations - so recommended other ones for us to go visit to cater to us and what we enjoyed and liked. It was the most amazing help, and so many other things, involving tasting fruits we’d never heard of - just the most amazing, genuinely helpful and caring tour we’ve been on.
    I couldn’t recommend this trip more highly, for the price, it is unbelievably worth it!
    Thanks so much to everyone involved on this tour! And thanks so much to Nyoman especially!

  • Kim Kim

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides

    Bali Tour: Explore The Best Of Bali with the Best Guides My partner and I had a wonderful host who provided lots of information about all the sites we visited and even about the Balinese customs and traditions. We did Tour number 7 and our host was very flexible in terms of our interests and welcomed other suggestions of places to visit as we had time. He arrived to pick us up on time and made sure that we felt comfortable through out the trip. He provided us with an amazing experience touring all the beautiful places and was very patient when we wanted to spend time taking photos or exploring. Thank you!