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Hasil 1 - 4 dari 4

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  • Daisuke Daisuke

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド>

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド> 日本語を話せるガイドの方もいて、安心でした。

  • Naim Naim

    25% OFF Bali Snorkeling: Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Day Trip

    25% OFF Bali Snorkeling: Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Day Trip My review based on each activity.

    - 08.00 : Pick up. The pickup was exactly on time, and the driver was very friendly. I was surprised to when my driver was able to speak in multiple languages with all the other guests. He was very friendly and we joked and laughed a lot.

    - 09.30 : Depart from Sanur by fast boat. The boat started at the beach and we had to get thigh deep in water just to get on the boat. So I advise you guys to wear your swimming trunks when they pick you up.

    - 10.45 - 13.30 : Snorkeling sessions at 3 different spots. In my case we got to see Manta Bay, Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay. At the start we checked the manta bay first but had to leave since the waves were too high. Then the group went to crystal bay, the corals were broken from the hard waves hitting the beaches but there were plenty of fishes and we even saw a sea turtle. After that the group went back to Manta bay to check and we were lucky since the waves were lower and we saw 2 Manta rays. One of them even swam right underneath me. It was both frightening and awe-inspiring at the same time. Final stop is at the Gamat Bay where the fishes were as tame as dogs and cats. You just have to act like you have food and they would come in swarms. Take some sands and just sprinkle some for the fishes to come within hands reach. Some even nibble your fingers.
    p.s: I included the camera for my tour and the guide did an awesome job. I am not a great swimmer, the only swimming I did was at the pool so I opted for the option of having the guide photograph for me. The pictures were well worth it. I could NOT have taken such great picture. Upclose photos of sea turtles and manta rays. He swam like a pro within arms reach of the majestic creatures to get those pics. The pictures here were taken by the guide.

    - 13.30 - 14.30 : Simple beach side lunch at Paradise Beach, Nusa Lembongan . I am not sure whether the menu changes or not, but for my trip the food was great. We had rice, fried noodles, fried rice, vegetarian tofu and tempe, sweet and spicy chicken and tofu, grilled pepe, grilled fish, chicken satay, fruits (watermelon and pineapple),and creamy macaroni and vegetable soup (weird sweetish soup). beverages served were, apple juice, orange juice, guava juice, hot tea and hot coffee. They had beer and other drinks as well but you have to buy them.

    - 14.30 - 15.00 : Mangrove tour by kayak, the mangrove tour were very simple (20-30 minute max) and most of the time is just spent mingling with the other guests.

    - 16.00 : Depart from Nusa Lembongan by fast boat. At this point I was just so tired from the whole tour that I wanted to just go back to my room and sleep.

    In summary, the tour was fantastic. The highlight of the whole tour is of course the snorkeling and while 30 minutes sounds like a small amount of time to spend at each site, I had more than enough time and was extremely tired by the end of it. Even if they had brought me to another site, I don't think I could have swam any more. The mangrove tour was just some relaxing time and it was obvious that it was just added on there since the mangrove forest is extremely close.

  • Yoshiyuki Yoshiyuki

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド>

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド> ガイドさんがホテルまで迎えに来てくれます。

  • Charlotte Charlotte

    25% OFF Bali Snorkeling: Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Day Trip

    25% OFF Bali Snorkeling: Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling Day Trip We had an incredible day snorkelling at Lembongan Island with Lembongan Watersport. The tour guides we great and you were never in the water without a guide. Swimming with the manta rays was unforgettable and an amazing experience. The water is crystal clear and the fish and sea turtles were beautiful. My videos show better imagery however I could not upload these. Highly recommend these guys for great value and organisation. Highlight of our visit to Bali.

  • Waka Waka

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド>

    25% OFF バリから日帰りシュノーケリング!レンボンガン島ツアー<往復送迎+昼食付き/英語ガイド> 難しい文化や自然の説明はなし!ひたすらシュノーケリングをたっぷり楽しむ!というツアーです。終わった後ちょっと疲れます(笑)。ペニダ島でマンタを見れましたしウォールポイントのとてもクリアな場所でのシュノーケリングもできました。シュノーケリングが終わるとお昼ご飯(含まれてます)を食べながら休憩して、そのあとゆっくりマングローブの中を二人一組でカヤックできます。最初はマンタポイントに行ったのですがマンタは見つけるとすぐに海にとびこむ形になるので突然ツアーが始まる感じで面白かったです。ガイドさんは日本語でも話せる人で一安心でした。私達はレンボンガン島に一泊したのですが、ツアー後のレンボンガン島ホテルへの送迎や次の日ボート乗り場までの送迎など全て対応してくれました。ただしこの交渉には英語が必要です。