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  • Kou Kou


    デリーのスラムでの交流体験・学べる体験ツアー 教えられた電話番号がつながらず不安でしたが、無事出会えツアー開始。

  • Marisa Marisa


    デリーのスラムでの交流体験・学べる体験ツアー とても親切なホスト(団体代表)の方が団体やスラムの概要を説明してくださり、

    So nice hosts,they explained us in details about the people and life styles, their religions, languages, hometown, and so on. I really appreciate your help to get to know about the India and its slum. Many precious encounts were also there. Thank you so much.

  • Tushar Tushar

    Visit Old Delhi, from the Bazaar to the Traditional Home

    Visit Old Delhi, from the Bazaar to the Traditional Home I'm Indian by birth, but grew up in Japan, so I haven't had the opportunity to explore India much. As such, I didn't know what quite to expect and how much more there was to see of Old Delhi than I vaguely remembered from my childhood. Oh, how I was wrong! Dhruv's tour takes you through the sights, smells, feel, taste, and noises of Old Delhi's Bazaar. Having lived in the heart of Old Delhi, he is distinctly familiar with every nook and cranny of this place. He introduced us to shopkeepers who his family has known for generations (a very Indian thing), took us to see a beautiful old mosque that no one was paying attention to, and even made us taste street food (which I as a "foreigner" am very cautious of) without getting us sick! The best part has to be the surprise at the end though (don't read on unless you want spoilers). You get to visit Dhruv's family's exquisite haveli (old home) in the center of all the buzz. He has redone it up and it has a quaint little feel to it. There, he gives you a tour of the place, sits you down to meet his family, eat good food, gives you kite lessons, and just makes you relax and feel at home. It's totally the best experience ever. Dhruv's tour is made to feel how every single experience should feel like when traveling. I would do Dhruv's tour in a heartbeat again and you should too!

  • Scott Scott

    Learn about Life in Delhi's Slums with a Local

    Learn about Life in Delhi's Slums with a Local This was a fantastic experience! Shiva is very knowledgeable about the community and the people there, as he runs a nonprofit in the area. The locals were extremely friendly and did not try to pressure any sales or similar tactics that can be expected from tourist experiences elsewhere in India. I also want to credit Shiva for giving me the full 2 hours of the experience despite the fact that I had gone to the wrong station and showed up late. Overall, a very unique experience that could not easily be found on my own or found through other routes. Thank you!

  • Annette Annette

    Learn about Life in Delhi's Slums with a Local

    Learn about Life in Delhi's Slums with a Local This was a fascinating experience, certainly not something you could ever effectively do on your own! John, our host, was full of information, and the people we met were kinds and welcoming. Make sure to wear good walking shoes.