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From jungles in the north to crystal blue waters in the south to some of the best tasting food to the ancient temples to Bangkok’s vibrant business hub, Thailand has something for everyone. To the North, there’s the Chiang Rai, part of the Golden Triangle where Loas, Myanmar, and Thailand intersect, as well as the lush green Chiang Mai with its historic temples and elephant sanctuaries. To the East, we find Issan, where you can get lost in the gorgeous Thai countryside and explore Khmer ruins. Central Thailand consists of some of the most historic regions from the Bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi to Nakhon Pathom - Thailand’s oldest city and the site of the world’s tallest stupa, as well as many floating and weekend markets. In it’s center is Bangkok - a cosmopolitan city full of magnificent temples, waterways, outdoor markets, and some of the most (in)famous nightlife. The south has everything for the beachgoer with some of the world’s most famous beach spots from the natural beauty of Krabi to the kayaking and snorkeling paradise of Ko Samui to the diving haven of Ko Tao to the tourist mecca of Phuket. It’s exotic, it’s cheap, but most of all, Thailand is truly amazing.

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