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My name is Mai Loc and I am a local, born and bred in the ever-changing city of Nha Trang .

I am an award-winning photographer and I come from the lowest level of Vietnamese society. Everything changed in March 1995 when I met a Norwegian couple, Gunnar Simonsen and Eva Mellquist Gunnar.

Eva came back to Vietnam for my wedding in December 1997. Amongst other things, they gave me a small solar camera as a wedding present. This gift has changed my life.

Sadly, in 1998, Gunnar passed away having a fall. Before he died, he transferred me $6000 USD.
Gunnar died peacefully and thanks to his generosity, kindness and love for me, I was able to continue and improve my life. With the money, I bought myself a motorcycle and began working as a tour guide in Vietnam. The further I travelled, the more I captured and over time I learned the art of photography.

In 2003, five years after Gunnar had passed away, Eva returned to visit me in Vietnam. She was very happy to see how much better my life had become - thanks to that small camera. I gave Eva the photos I had taken over five years as a present. She took them back to Drobak, Norway, where they went on exhibition. Unfortunately, I could not get a visa to attend the exhibition. But in 2006, Norway organized the First International photo festival in Kristiansund - called "Nordic Light".

Eva took my photo to Morten Krogvold, one of the most well known photographers in Norway. After the exchange I was given an invitation to attend the Nordic Light international festival of photography in Norway. It was a great honor and an amazing experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am very grateful to the people of Norway and to my norwegian mother Eva Mellquist. The experience has given me a lot of confidence and motivation to continue with my photography. I have made a promise to myself to become better and better.

- Grand opening of my photo gallery in Nha Trang, Vietnam.
- Invitation to attend a Solo exhibition in Salo, Finland.

- Photos exhibition by 'The 2nd International salon of photography - Between the Sky and the Earth'
in Slovenia.

- A photo on display at 'The 5th International Contest and Exhibition on Artistic photos in Vietnam, VN-09'

- Photo Exhibition by 'The 114th Toronto International Salon of Photography in Canada'
- FIAP honor mention award by 'The International Photo Contest in France, PESSAC'
- FIAP honor mention and a Certificate of Merit by 'The 51st Maitland International Salon of Photography in Australia'.
- Membership of 'Vietnam Association Photography Artists A.VAPA'

- A photo display at 'The 4th International Contest and Exbhibition on Artistic Photos in Vietnam'
- Photos on display at 'The International Photo Contest in Austria-Europe, The Special Themes Circuit ang Trierenberg Super Circuit'
- A photo display at 'The 145th International Exhibition of Photography in Edinburgh, Scotland'
- Prize Winner at 'The 67th International Photographic Salon of Japan - THe Asahi Shimbun.'
- Bronze medal award by 'The 12th International Photographic Art Exhibition of China'

- Invitation to attend " The Nordic Light International Photo Festival in Kristiansund, Norway.'
- Bronze medal award at 'The Provincial Traditional Photo Contest in Nha Trang, Vietnam'.

- A photo on display at 'The 38th Festival Photographique De La Rose - D'or France'.


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  • Dammer Dammer

    Capture Real Vietnam with an Award-Winning Photographer

    Capture Real Vietnam with an Award-Winning Photographer Loc Mai isn't just a great photographer. He is also a very nice person. Our trip with him in Nha Trang was really memorable. He took us to local fishing village and salt harvesting to capture many great images. He also took us to his galllery sharing his works before having lunch at local restaurant (which is very tasteful). Me and my friends still discuss about it till come back). It was wonderful!
    Guiding 10 photographers is not as easy as guiding tourists. But he did his job perfectly ! He knows what we want.
    Again. Our trip with him was very memorable.

  • Michael Michael

    Capture Real Vietnam with an Award-Winning Photographer

    Capture Real Vietnam with an Award-Winning Photographer Loc took my wife and I to an number of different locations in Nha Trang that a normal visitor would probably not be aware of and as a result, we were able to take some amazing photo's of the local culture. We found Loc to be a very friendly and informative guide and he offered invaluable advice on framing different subjects to obtain the best results. I would highly recommend this tour to other photography enthusiasts. Thanks Loc for a great day & experience

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