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Hi everyone, my name is Mully. Before I moved back to Bali to work in the hospitality industry, I spent many years working on the passenger cruise ship Holland America where I cruised through Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and even the Mediterranean perfecting my English. After working at a number of renowned establishments like the Grand Hyatt, I decided to become a guide to reach guests directly.

I am acutely interested in Balinese culture and in sharing its intricacies with you. I am a keen reader and love to explore Bali myself - so can bring you on many lovely Balinese excursions that may not appear in your guidebooks.

My satisfied customers come from all around the world, including countries such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Hungary, New Zealand, Singapore, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Sudan and South Afric


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  • Tamara Tamara

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and Art Villages

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and  Art Villages In the 2 months I've been backpacking through South East Asia I have never had a better tour than the one we had with Mully. He tailored the trip to our interests and made sure we saw everything we wanted to over the course of the day. He went the extra mile by giving us a guided tour of the Elephant cave temple and offering to take lots of photos of my friend and I so that we had nice ones to remember the day.

    A tour with Mully is worth every penny. There is no better way to explore Bali.

  • Inga Inga

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and Art Villages

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and  Art Villages My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time with our host on this tour! We did so much and learned a lot from him. He was very knowledgable and we felt like we were able to experiemce almost everything there is to do and see in Bali in one day! We could've done more but we decided that we had seen and learned so much that it was just the perfect amount for that day. If you want to get the most out of your trip for a great price I highly recommend this. You experience the real Bali, with food, monkeys, luwak coffee, rice terraces, and the arts.

  • Sophie Sophie

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and Art Villages

    Visit Volcano, Ubud rice terrace and  Art Villages Mully was great! We told him we were interested in seeing lots of different things, so he changed the plan and took us to 2 small villages, a temple, a dance show, coffee tasting, rice terraces, monkey forest and even a lunch stop on the side of the road in a typical, local street food cart. Mully was a great friendly guide and made our day a memorable one!

  • Howard Howard

    Eat your way through Bali

    Eat your way through Bali Mully was a great tour guide. I was able to contact him before hand to ask about this tour and if we could combine it with his shopping tour that he offers, and he was more than happy to do this for us. Luckily for us, he just happened to be free the following day for us. He drove us all over, to eat food from all over the place, which was all very good. We had breakfast in Sanur, with the best nasi campur that we had during our stay in Bali (we tried this same dish multiple times at other places, but Mully's was the best). We went to Ubud and had babi guling, a suckling pig dish. And on our way back to Seminyak, we stopped at a little shop to have skewers. Between all of the eating, Mully took us to different areas to go shopping, and we were able to see a few sights as well. We wanted to book another tour with him the following day, but he was already booked through the rest of the week so make sure you book early if you are interested! His english is also very good, due to his time working on a cruise ship for a few years.

  • Leanna G Leanna G

    Design and Make your own Batik

    Design and Make your own Batik Such a great experience for my daughter and I! Our host were really great and helpful, always making sure if we needed help, they were there. The whole experience was very organized and geared towards helping you learn the art. The best part was that we had the liberty to choose the patterns or come out with our own.
    All in all, it was fantastic and such a unique experience.

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