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I'm Liza from ROLE Foundation,

Originally from the east coast of Australia, I spent the past 3 years living in Indonesia spending the majority of my time on the island of Nusa Penida. I have a Masters in International Business, and Bachelor degree in Asian Studies / International Relations with a major in Indonesian language. With experience in hospitality, tourism, health-care administration, and tertiary level public-sector research as well as remote community program development in Indonesia and Solomon Islands, I'm inspired by community-conscious conservation and ethical business development as sustainable solutions to today's global issues.

Role Foundation is a 100% non-profit Indonesian Foundation (yayasan). Since establishment in 2007 Rivers, Oceans, Lands and Education (ROLE) Foundation has taught Women’s Skills Education, Sustainability Education and Managed Eco-
Assistance Projects in Bali, Indonesia to alleviate poverty and create a sustainable future for all.


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  • Marcin Marcin

    Learn about Sustainable Permaculture Practices in Bali

    Learn about Sustainable Permaculture Practices in Bali What a great idea and lovely people behind it! Bali is developing rapidly, and that creates a lot of dangers for the environment. Educating people about it, especially in these conditions, has proven to be very difficult. But those passionate people at ROLE Foundation found the way - and they manage to even do it without putting too much pressure on local people. It was amazing to see thier village and it showed me it's worth any support!

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