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Hello there,

My name is Aiko. Thank you for viewing my profile and experiences I offer. I am a native Japanese, residing in Tokyo. My business partner and I own a fun English cooking studio right in the middle of Tokyo.

Offering both Japanese and Western food, our goal is to bring people like you together so that you get to meet new people, get to know each other, and hopefully make new friends, while cooking, eating, and drinking.

Below is the detail about the studio. I really look forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

Kind regards,
The whole concept revolves around “enjoying the life.” This is the cooking studio where you meet new people, communicate in English while you all cook and eat together. We want to add spice to your daily life!

With basic English skills, you know what to do in the kitchen with gestures. People can get along well as long as there is good food on the table.

At our studio, we have fun cooking together, eating, drinking, laughing becoming friends, Japanese or non-Japanese, it doesn't matter.

The head instructor is Denis from Canada with lots of sense of humor. His favorite color is red. His favorite thing is good food. The important thing in life is passion! Friendly fun instructor.

Our classes are small, average 3-6 people or so. You can join us alone or with your friends. Couples are welcome too. Because it is a small group, by the time you are eating, you will have gotten to know each other pretty well.

It is nice to have fun cooking and get to eat delicious food at the end. You can meet new people. Maybe your cooking will improve after a few times. The more people you meet, the more life experience you gain.

The studio's concept is a fun cooking studio in English ”adding spice to your everyday life.”


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