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The team at D:matcha started with a vision rooted in an appreciation for the unique quality of Japanese tea and a desire to revitalize an industry threatened by Japan’s aging society.

With a passion for authenticity and holistic innovation, we offer the highest quality Japanese green tea selections to current and future generations.

Dedicated to developing a personal connection during each step of the tea production process, we are apprentices to those who have mastered the art of cultivating and manufacturing Japanese green tea.

Grounded in this expertise, we then design tea varieties to suit the modern palette. Our teas are cultivated in partnership with Kyoto-based family farms with respect for our environment and a commitment towards products containing no artificial flavors or ingredients.

We pledge to produce healthy, delicious, multi-dimensional teas to share with you a unique experience based on hundreds of years of tradition combined with modern innovation.

Whether you are a tea connoisseur or a novice, we will transform and enrich your understanding of the best quality Japanese green tea. We invite you to join our unique journey into the past and the future.


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3 Ulasan untuk D:matcha

  • Patrick Patrick

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto!

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto! Beautifull place and we lurned a lot. Really nice experience and people! It s something that you have to do....
    They love what they are doing and you can feel it!!!

  • Caterina Caterina

    Grind Matcha and enjoy Matcha tasting in Kyoto!

    Grind Matcha and enjoy Matcha tasting in Kyoto! It has been such a great experience! I love matcha and Japanese green tea in general and this gave me the opportunity to taste several kinds of both sencha and matcha, notice the differences between each kind and listen to a lesson on how and why this happens. The actual grinding has been really interesting and fun and they all have been so nice and welcoming!

  • Mark Mark

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto!

    Walk around the Wazuka Tea farm in Kyoto! Enjoyed our afternoon outside of Uji at Wazuka. Learned about tea and got to see the Japanese countryside. Hosts were really helpful and got us to our train on time!

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