• 日本語 (Fluent)
  • English (Intermediate)

We are one of the oldest establishments among Gelato shops that remain based in Kyoto. The Matcha gelato in our store uses high grade matcha. We have six different kinds of Gelato.
We hold "Cha-Kabuuki gelato experience" in our shop and it has become very popular. Generally, in a tea-ceremony, you can learn about the heart of "the once-in-a-lifetime chance" and manners of the tea-ceremony. On the other hand, you can't learn about the tea in the tea-ceremony.
We'll give you a lecture on how to feel the different tastes in detail, what is Cha-Kabuki and about Japanese tea. In this class, you can enjoy the difference of Japanese tea by tasting Gelato.
We will be very happy if you interested in the Umami taste of high grade Matcha.


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