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I love the mountains, and I live in the mountains. I've spent the past few years trekking, climbing and living high in the Himalayas, and I'd love the opportunity share my lifestyle with you!

I'm a certified mountaineer and climber, and am part of India's first professional alpinist team. I've climbed and trekked extensively throughout the Indian Himalaya. I've been mountain biking and freeriding since I was 15, and have worked with the World Wildlife Fund as a birdwatcher.

I also have a Wilderness Advanced First Aid certification from NOLS, India.

I've worked as a journalist for a short while, and last year, started a specialised guiding agency called Geck & Co Adventurers. This has taught how to organise adventures in India in a safe and professional way, and given me access to equipment to out any adventure, small or epic.


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