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Hello! I'm Yutaro, a 28 year-old-guy living in Kumamoto.

I'm originally from Kyoto, and I used to work in Tokyo, then I got transferred (by my company) to Kumamoto about 2 years ago.

In these two years I found great restaurants, Izakaya bars, café and local bars in Kumamoto, because Kumamoto has a wide variety of tasty and reasonably priced foods and drinks. I would like not only to introduce them to foreign travelers but also to talk with them and enjoy these places together!

I love traveling around the world, and I've been to about 30 countries. I have a wide range of interests: travel, education, business, economy, sports, history, politics, technology, etc. Meeting with new people who have different points of view always inspires me.

If you are interested in interacting with local Japanese people, please join our Kumamoto eating or drinking tour! Thanks!


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