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Namaste (Greetings).

I am Arjun - and I am glad that you are here. I am 27 years old and have been based across different cities in India in that timeframe. I graduated as an Honors student in History from the University of Delhi. I do not consider myself to be an accurate description of a tour guide, instead I have always viewed myself as a connoisseur of India and Indian History (and Mythology).

My first trip was as a three month old baby to Goa. Since then I haven't stopped –India’s Mountains, it’s Beaches, the Dessert, Plateau’s and the Great Plains are all just another home away from home. An avid trekker, adventure sports junkie, a connoisseur of history and legends, a pianist and national level sportsman; my dream is to translate my passion by showcasing India in all it’s might and splendour for travelers.

I'm a MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad and have worked with corporates such as Citibank and Hay Group. Leaving 6 years of corporate experience behind, and having traveled through 22 out of 28 states in India – I bring a totally different dimension to my tours not just via customization or personal experiences but also through sheer passion and enthusiasm because that is where my heart truly lies.


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