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Yuko is a Japanese Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.
She was privileged to study Reiki in both Japan and the U.S.
Reiki is a Japanese energy healing used to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
It has changed her life and has been the most amazing gift for her.

It is her ambition to share the powerful tool whenever and however possible to aid and support the individual on a journey to personal health, success and happiness.


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16 Ulasan untuk Yuko

  • Alison Alison

    Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Healing Sessions Yuko was so lovely and gave me exactly what I needed. Yuko not only gave me a full Reiki treatment but I also learnt the level 1 content of Reiki. Thank you so much I do feel different already and have been practising it each day x x

  • Christi Christi

    Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Healing Sessions Flexible with the time, great place to hold a session, made me feel very comfortable, and was very much in tune with me. Very nice approach to the whole thing, as well.

  • Johan Johan

    Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Healing Sessions It was my first Reiki session and didn't know too much what to expect.
    Yuko gave an introduction, explaining the purpose of reiki before she started the session.
    It was very relaxing and peaceful and I could clearly feel the effects in the areas of my body where I had some issues.
    All by all a nice, relaxing, feel-good experience.
    Yuko is super nice

  • Judy Judy

    Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Healing Sessions I am a Reiki therapist and also give myself Reiki sessions, so I was really interested to have a Reiki session in Japan, Reiki's country of origin. Yuko has a lovely clear warm energy and I felt drawn to have a healing with her as soon as I saw her profile on Voyagin. I was not disappointed. I could feel the wonderful Reiki energy flowing through me as soon as she started the session. I particularly liked how Yuko placed her hands continuously on the energy points of the body so that she never lost contact. My favourite part was when she worked on my back, my spine and around my heart chakra. I got in touch with some important emotions too. The rest of my day after the session was great. I felt light, clear headed, positive, relaxed and centred, just what a Reiki session should do. I highly recommend having a session with Yuko. I am really picky about who gives me Reiki and I'd be back if I wasn't a 10 hour flight away! Thanks Yuko!

  • Ivy Ivy

    Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Healing Sessions This was my first reiki session and it was awesome! Yuko is very nice and knowledgeable about reiki. She spent the first few minutes explaining what reiki is, followed by the actual treatment.

    The treatment itself was so relaxing, I fell asleep multiple times. This is much much better than any spa treatment I've ever had.

    I highly, highly recommend it for any tired, stressed out person who needs a quick reset button. Best 1 hour I spent in my vacation!

    Thank you Yuko!

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