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Hi. I’m a licensed tour guide for foreign travelers in Japan. Especially for those who are interested in cycling tour and Buddhist pilgrimage.
I can guide you from Honshu main island to Shikoku island through various islands and bridges. This route is called “Shimanami Highway” with a fantastic cycling road (one of the most beautiful cycling roads in the world. You’ll feel like flying above the sea when you are running along the bridges)
I'll also introduce you to "Shikoku 88 temples Buddhist pilgrimage" This is the so called "Ohenro" in Japanese. This is not merely a pilgrimage, but also a trip for finding yourself in a wonderful natural environment. I was a backpacker in my younger days when I visited more than 50 countries and I have traveled all over Japan by cycling for many years. I can offer you various types of travelling here in Japan. Thank you and I'm looking forward to see you!


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