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Hi, my name is Ketut and I consider myself and expert with animals especially Camels and Horses. I started off working with horses 10 years ago in another horse riding company before deciding to branch off and start my own company. I decided upon this as my stables are now located in a more convenient and easily accessible area, unlike my former company's location, which meant that more people would be able to take part in this lovely experience and share the passion I have for animals.
I expanded into Camel Riding experiences when I realised that Bali lacked such unique experiences!


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  • Sherice Sherice

    Go Jungle Trekking and Sit in a Traditional Canoe

    Go Jungle Trekking and Sit in a Traditional Canoe This is a real trek through the bushes. Go prepared to walk and be one with nature. It was beautiful and the canoe ride is a great touch.

  • Clara Clara

    Enjoy a Camel Ride in Bali

    Enjoy a Camel Ride in Bali I never thought that I would experience my first Camel Ride in tropical Bali! I'd always imagine it to have been in the deserts like the Moroccan Desert. But it was so pleasant riding the camel past the villages! I was riding Maddy with her brother, Albert, accompanying her. (Did you know Camels get scared when they're alone? I thought that was so cute) The guides and tamers were really professional and nice and you could tell they really cared for the Camels. My favourite part was when Maddy sneezed on my guide!! I had a good laugh (:

  • Rayne Rayne

    Enjoy a Camel Ride in Bali

    Enjoy a Camel Ride in Bali amazing! my camel Sahara wasn't listening at first, but afterwards she did great! Sudan, the camel my partner, was on did really well though. He even came up from behind and took pictures with me when I was on my camel! Loved it!

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