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My career as a menswear designer started in London, the city I spent my most fruitful time as a student and as a human. I lived in London for 4 years and studied at fashion design course in London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London).

In university, I studied menswear design in many courses. The reason I chose to study menswear design was because I believe in its bottomless potential (no pun intended) in the next decades to come.

In the future, I want to become the best menswear designer.
My goal is studidly simple. I believe I'll be able to suggest a "never-seen menswear" style that is daily wear.

What I need now is "Experience" "Connections" and "Enjoyment".

Today I work for a costume company, but would love to work for many other kinds of creative jobs as well. Through those jobs, I hope to expand my connections (network) by meeting as many people as I can.

That's my enjoyiment and what I need now.


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2 Ulasan untuk Takuya

  • Leon Leon

    Meet a Young Japanese Fashion Designer

    Meet a Young Japanese Fashion Designer Japan and especially Tokyo is world-famous for its fashion, so no wonder that I wanted to meet a guy who is involved in that business. I loved his drawings and drafts of modern mens-wear. He showed me some of Tokyo’s hottest shops for mens-wear and I bought a very cool Jacket! Thanks to you Takuya!

  • Marcel Marcel

    Meet a Young Japanese Fashion Designer

    Meet a Young Japanese Fashion Designer If you like Japanese fashion and fashion in general, Takuya is the guy you need. His dedication and sense for fashion are imposing. It was well spent time talking about current and leading waves in Japanese fashion, and it made me feel I am getting closer and closer to one of the most inspiring aspects of life in Tokyo. A great chance to spend your time and learn something new about things you like. Highly recommended.

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