2-day Tour in Yamagata: Ginzan Onsen, cruising and gourmet

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BerandaTempat wisata di Yamagata

One night and two day plan at the nostalgic Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture with lunch provided at one of the top 100 restaurants chosen by chefs the world over.


  • Lunch dining at the Al che-cciano Restaurant, not only famous in Japan but also known internationally
  • Enjoy your stay at Ginzan Onsen with its taste of Taisho Romanticism
  • With a three-star Michelin rating, enjoy the famous sightseeing at Mt. Haguroyama, a natural center of energy
  • The mystical aquarium is a must-see to experience the secrets of what are said to be the world's best-bred jellyfish
  • "Maiko dancing in Sakata along the Kitamaebune Road is also a must-see.
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