Introduction to Otaku Culture (Akihabara)

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BerandaTempat wisata di Tokyo

Let an American anthropologist take you on a close-up, fun, and insightful walk through the wonderful places, obsessions and rituals of Otaku culture—the private virtual world of Japan’s otaku boys and men for whom manga and anime are the real world.


  • Walk with an otaku expert through Akihabara's narrow streets, shops, arcades and performance spaces
  • Learn the area's history from post-war electronics boom to modern "Cool Japan"
  • Visit cosplay stores and learn about maid cafes and idol culture
  • Eat vending machine "delicacies" and get a "gachapon" toy in an arcade full of vending machines
  • Wander the back shelves of stores selling dating simulator software and fan-drawn magazines (Porn Warning: Nor recommended for young kids or adults who oppose pornography)
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