A Delicious Introduction to the Flavors of Japan and Wagashi

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BerandaTempat wisata di Tokyo

This tour will help you understand what makes Japanese food unique and exquisitely delicious. Experience some of Japan’s most amazing flavors and develop a deeper appreciation for Japanese cuisine.


  • You will get to taste the building block flavors and ingredients that have made traditional Japanese cuisine, world-famous.
  • Visit 8 food stops showcasing the different flavors, regions and traditions of Japanese cuisine and green tea
  • Have a delicious meal for lunch with choices of soba, tempura and sashimi sets, grilled fish, chicken or sukiyaki.
  • Sample Dashi (soup stock), regional snacks, egg roll (Tamagoyaki), fish cakes from Kagoshima, eel sushi, artistic wagashi desserts and green teas.
  • In the Edo (samurai) era, This neighborhood was the center of business, food and entertainment, Come discover this important history with an expert guide.
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