Make "Kawaii" Japanese art "Sweets Deco" and Origami, Osaka

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BerandaTempat wisata di Osaka

Are you interestdc in the Japanese "Kawaii" culture? I like pop, cute, fancy and other "Kawaii" things. "Sweets Deco" are famous "Kawaii" products. These are fake sweets (cupcakes, macarons, cookies, ice-creams and more). Let's make them together!


  • Make three "Sweets Deco" items (cupcake, macaron and a cookie).
  • If you finish the item making early, you can try Origami. That's Japanese traditional art of paper folding.
  • I will dry your "Sweets Deco" items and will send them to your hotel in Japan the next day.
  • I will tell you about "Sweets Deco" and other cute and cheap price craft stores.
  • You get your unique Japanese souvenir!
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