Learn how to make green tea in a tea ceremony in Kyoto

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BerandaTempat wisata di Kyoto

This activity presents you the opportunity to learn about the ancient art of Sado, the way of tea in Japan! Participate in a classic Japanese tea ceremony next to the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) in Kyoto! You'll even get to make your own tea!


  • Visit a Japanese house next to the famous Kinkakuji Temple
  • Learn more about the Sado, way of tea, by an expert
  • Attend an authentic tea ceremony
  • Hands-on experience included! Make your own tea and drink it with delicious sweets!Those travelers who visit Japan with the aim to learn more about the distinctive local culture and experience it, will certainly enjoy participating in an authentic tea ceremony. This activity in the center of Osaka gives you the chance not only to discover the secrets of Sado, the way of tea, with its rules and etiquette, but also to experience the tea ceremony as a hands-on activity, in which you will make the green tea yourself!
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