Japanese Sword Forge Private Tour & Lesson in Kameoka, Kyoto

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BerandaTempat wisata di Kyoto

Join this Samurai Sword Making Tour in Kameoka, just 1 hour from central Kyoto, and learn the art of forging a Japanese blade from a professional! Visit the Masahiro Tantouba forge and learn the art from a certified swordsmith.


  • Japanese Sword Making Tour with Certified Japanese Swordsmith in Kyoto, Japan!
  • Visit the authentic 'Masahiro Tantouba' sword forge in Kameoka, a beautiful small town located in Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Create your own blade by heating, hammering, and folding the metals of your blade!
  • Spend some time at the workshop and see many different types of Japanese blades as well!
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