Explore the beautiful park Ikuta Ryokuchi near Tokyo

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"Oh, there is such a beautiful place near Tokyo!" - I'm sure all foreigners visiting this park say like this. In this park there are some museums and old houses with Japanese historical styles. There are beautiful forests and greenfields.


  • After exploring some of Tokyo's famous places, you can still get more wonderful impression about Japan.
  • We will go to Mukougaokayuuen Station by "Odakyu" train line. It takes about 30 minutes from Shinjuku. And from Mukougaokayuuen in about 20 minutes on foot we will get to the park Ikuta.
  • In this park we can see Japanese old inhabitants' house gardens. There are many Japanese old houses and they are very interesting and beautiful. The atmosphere is very quiet. You will be absolutely moved by the contrast of this place to central Tokyo.
  • This park is not so large, but is very quiet and beautiful. Only taking a walk in the park will make your soul relaxed.
  • You can visit some other museums in this park and near this park. One of these is the Museum of Okamoto Tarou (very famous Japanese artist) and another one is the Museum of Fujiko F Fujio (author of Doraemon).
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