Experience the richness of Kanazawa's culture in one day!

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BerandaTempat wisata di Ishikawa

Kanazawa is a special town where, just like in Kyoto, you can experience the traditional culture of Japan. In this luxurious tour you will be able to discover all of Kanazawa's richness in one day. Enjoy crafts, tea ceremony, geisha show and more!


  • Make Kanazawa chopsticks using the traditional local craft of gold leaf
  • Explore Higashiyama district (with its many townhouses of Chaya style) dressed in kimono and have professional photos of you taken by a photographer
  • Drink tea and see samurai houses with a history of over 300 years
  • Enjoy real geisha performance at a teahouse after you've learned the geisha dance yourself at Nishichaya district
  • Eat Kaiseki (multi-dish dinner) at a famous restaurant
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