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Presently, I teach Japanese “Buyo” around Asakusa.
In the past, I made a name for myself as an actress after practicing Japanese “Buyo” and drama. Today, I have a 25-year career as an entertainer. I have acted in many stage plays featuring “buyo” across Japan as well as surrounding Asian countries to master Japanese “buyo”.

Traditional “buyou” and Japanese “buyo”, which I dance, if classified is often classified as strict and formal but it is what it is. Traditional Japanese “buyo” is not like “kagura”, traditional folk entertainment, “bon odori” (a type of dance at a Japanese festival called “matsuri”), and folk songs but is a stage art that is aimed at performing on stage. A lot of the gestures and behavior of Japanese women can be learned through Japanese “buyo” – it is a compilation and the best of all that beauty.

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14 Reviews for Yoko

  • Sonal Sonal

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono I am out of words already to how amazing this experience was! I was low on time - due to my short stay. But Yoko and Hiroko (mind my spelling here) were so accommodating!

    Since I had already met them before for the Buyo dance session and humbled by their hospitality, I was looking forward to meeting them again!

    Yoko-san helped me pick the best kimono - baby pink it was with beautiful oriental design. I was dressed quickly with all accessories and we hit the streets of Asakusa right away! Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and we got some of the bestest shots in the background.

    Special mention to Hiroko - who helped me shop in Asakusa and we had some friendly moments together!

    The photographer was also very accommodating to my tight schedule - he quickly helped process the pictures and handed over to me on time! Appreciate his help!

    After returning to the studio, Yokosan, Hiroko assisted me in getting a taxing and waved me goodbye! beautiful memories of this beautiful experience!!

  • Sonal Sonal

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo This was my first time in Japan and I am so glad I could get this tour!! Yoko Sensei is amazing - kind, patient and so so graceful!! She helped me dress in a cotton kimono for the session and since I was the only one registered that day - I got all her wonderful attention! :-)

    We learned the dance steps on the famous Cherry blossom song - Sakura Sakura. This was one of THE BEST experiences I had in Japan!

    I was conveniently picked up from kaminarimon and we walked to the studio. I had an English translator - Hiroshi, who is fun too! The photographer was also patient throughout and got some best shots during the session!

    I would totally recommend this experience!

  • Eu Tim Eu Tim

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono I am really happy to have selected the services of Yoko san for my partners dress up experience. Not only does she provide high quality silk kimonos, she assists as well with posturing during the photo shoot allowing Okabe san to capture the best pictures. Both Yoko and Okabe san are friendly and helpful making the experience more fun. (attached pictures are self taken)

  • Sam Sam

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono

    Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono Fantastic time time!, the guide, the photographer, everyone was so helpful and professional. The kimono I wore was gorgeous and unique. With this unforgettable experience, Asakusa will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Nicole Nicole

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo

    Learn Traditional Japanese Dancing: Buyo This was an excellent experience! I highly recommend this class. No dance skills are required, though having taken any kind of dance class before makes it easier. Don't be afraid to book it if you're by yourself: I think I had more fun as the only student than I would have otherwise. Yoko-san, the instructor, was very patient and nice. She's not fluent in English, but she has a young lady to interpret and once you get started you won't need to actually understand what she's saying for the most part.

    The class itself went like this. The young lady and an older gentleman picked me up from the station and walked me to the dance studio. I picked a yukata and put it on (well, okay, they dressed me in it!). Yoko-san demonstrated the dance and we practiced it a bunch of times. Finally, she performed a much more advanced dance and then we had a little photoshoot in the yukata!

    It's just around the corner from Senso-ji, so you can easily make a day of it in Asakusa with the class and the shrines. The only thing I regret is that I don't live in Asakusa and can't take her class regularly!