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I have just moved to mountain area of Kyoto this October after living in the center Tokyo for 12 years. Having experienced this big change in my life, finding great nature everyday and I come to feel like sharing my experience with visitors from all over the world.

I am a freelance editor as well as English - Japanese interpreter. I am fascinated by the world of language and speak some Spanish, French and Chinese. I like traveling and have visited more then 60 countries in the world.

I can't to wait to talk with you!

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2 Reviews for Kei

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Trek in Nature's Beauty & Visit a Peaceful Temple Garden

    Trek in Nature's Beauty & Visit a Peaceful Temple Garden This was absolutely one of the highlights of my trip to Japan. Even before the actual trip, my guide Kei was extremely helpful. He made sure I knew exactly where to go and replied really quickly to last-minute emails (like when I sent him a screen shot of the bus stop, just to double-check that I was in the right spot!)
    The bus ride itself was beautiful and relaxing. When I arrived in town, Kei explained the itinerary and we set off on a beautiful hike to a waterfall. The scenery was stunning and was exactly what I had hoped to experience in this amazing country. Following this, we went to lunch at a fantastic little place with great food, visited a small town with beautiful, thatched-roof homes, and even had time to stop off at a local sake brewery for a tasting! (My first! And it was delicious.)
    I have to say that Kei is a phenomenal host. He's extremely intelligent and personable, and answered all of my (many) questions with thought and clarity. It is no exaggeration to say that I learned more on this trip about Japanese history, language, and culture, than I have from any book. I felt that no question was too big or too small, and it was really so nice to have a personal insight into the place that I was visiting.
    Thank you for a lovely day and a memorable experience! I highly recommend this trip.

  • Jinsoo Jinsoo

    Trek in Nature's Beauty & Visit a Peaceful Temple Garden

    Trek in Nature's Beauty & Visit a Peaceful Temple Garden About the Trip:
    Joshokoji Temple and Miyama Village that Kei and Midori took us to were so serene and beautiful! This was my second trip to Kyoto and Japan and It was probably the most memorable experience I've had there. Because the area we visited was so remote, we had the beautiful places all to ourselves. When I standing in front of the garden in Joshokoji Temple, I began to truly understand what zen philosophy felt like with my eyes, nose, hands and ears. Temple sightseeing in the heart of Kyoto is great and all, but much of that experience is lost due to tourists... So if you're looking for the hidden gem that isn't full of annoying tourists, you should definitely go on this day trip and avoid many tourist traps in Kyoto. This was totally worth it every penny!

    About the Tour Guide:
    Kei and Midori were very kind and accommodating during the entire tour. They are also very educated in world, art and culture and we had lots to talk about. During the entire time, it felt like we were being invited as close friends. What you might not know is that Kei has extensive experience working as a cultural ambassador for Japan and tourism companies, so I was very surprised by his abilities to carry all levels of conversations and explain things very eloquently. Definitely not a typical tour guide I expected outskirts of Kyoto.

    Other Things to Note:
    Just be sure to arrive at the Kyoto bus station early. The bus that you'll be taking doesn't run very often and after missing the bus that we were suppose to be on, we had to wait for another 2 hours for the next one. Also pick some snacks and drinks before you leave. Bring extra batteries for your camera, because you'll be amazed.