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Hey guys! My name is Tanya and I live in San Francisco, but I spend as much time in Tokyo each year as possible.

I was a Psychology major in college, and learning about Japanese culture threw me for a loop. The collectivistic nature of their society, the low birth rate, the otaku, the wild fashion subcultures - I was intrigued to say the least. I started learning Japanese and reading everything I could about the bizarre and wonderful things Japan has to offer. Once I was out of college I decided it was finally time to make my way to Japan, and it was by far the best trip of my life. So amazing, in fact, that I returned 6 months later and have been going back every year since. This winter (December 2015-March 2016) I'll be back in Tokyo for another unforgettable adventure.

While I appreciate Japanese cultural history and religion, I am most fascinated by the weird, wild, bizarre side of Japan. Want to dine at a restaurant made to look like Alice's Wonderland, a medical prison, a futuristic robot hideout or an ornate church (with food and drink items on-theme of course)? Want to go maid-cafe hopping, and be waited on by costumed, kawaii girls who draw animals on your food with ketchup and put magic spells on your cocktail to make it taste better? Want to be directed to all of the coolest kitschy bars, the nightclubs with the best sound systems, and the areas of town with the most incredible thrift stores you'll find anywhere in the world? I am the girl to talk to. If it's delicious, bizarre, kawaii or just an upbeat good time, I'm in the know. And you can be too!

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