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Hi, I'm Kimi. I provide ikebana and Japanese cooking classes.

My mother used to be a teacher of domestic science at high school, and I liked to stand with her in the kitchen and watch her cook when I was little. Her major was cooking and nutritious science, so I learned everything from her.

Since my mother and aunt are also familiar with Japanese culture like ikebana, tea ceremony, koto (Japanese harp), it was natural for me to start to study Japanese culture.

At the same time, I majored in English language and culture at the university, have stayed overseas, and love traveling. Now I'm so happy to contribute to the cross-cultural exchange.

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2 Reviews for Kimiko

  • Thomas Thomas

    Experience the art of Ikebana in Gion, Kyoto

    Experience the art of Ikebana in Gion, Kyoto This Ikebana class was one of my favourite experiences in Japan. The host, Kimi, was very warm and friendly and told us all about the history and meaning behind Ikebana which made the experience of creating our own pieces very special.

    I found the experience to be very relaxing and meditative. I am hoping to find a place in Melbourne where I can continue to learn about and create Ikebana!

  • Liz Liz

    Experience the art of Ikebana in Gion, Kyoto

    Experience the art of Ikebana in Gion, Kyoto For me, our ikebana experience was the highlight of our 3 week holiday in Japan. Kimi skillfully and engagingly introduced us to the philosophy, history and practice of ikebana. She then provided a respectful and encouraging space for us to create our own arrangements.
    When we were complete Kimi gave us encouraging and helpful feedback. My 6 year old loved the experience so much that she cried when we had to leave. A delightful experience for individuals, couples, friends and families.
    Kimi has excellent English and I am very grateful for all that we learned from her.