• 普通话 (Intermediate)
  • English (Fluent)

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Singapore, spent 6 years in Boston for College, and now back full-circle! I love Hong Kong - a city of multiple-worlds. On any Saturday, you can catch me by day, kicking back with a Tsing Tao on my favorite island filled with musicians and artists (Lamma Island), and chatting with Hong Kong's #1 bartender with his favorite cocktail by night. I love my job working at an educational non-profit in Hong Kong and through it, I've fallen in love with the local culture and its youth (in my opinion, the heartbeat of this city!). On the flip side, I live amongst an international community of people where life seems to revolve around good food, drink, music and fun. It's my dream to film the sensual diversity of this city, to show people around, and to witness their first wow-experiences. People are my motivator; my dream can possibly happen through you and others who join along! Pick a world within Hong Kong and...let's experience (and film) it together!

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