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We believe in encouraging healing and connectedness in life, and in inspiring and awakening each person’s true self, and we use jewelry as our medium. We believe that through our jewelry we can speak to others in a positive, life affirming way, energizing, and elevating people’s vibrations. We bring sacredness, meaning, and beauty into each design so that when people wear our jewelry they feel connected to this greater healing vision and story of spreading joy and peace.

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31 Reviews for House of Alaia

  • Tracey Tracey

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry We had such a great experience making our own rings. We left or real wedding bands at home (didn't want to loose them) and we were going to purchase a ring each in Bali. I found this jewerly making tour and thought why not.

    We actually made the rings (not the melting of the materials though), hammered into shape, punched the numbers and initials, soldered together, filed and polished.

    We wear them with pride


  • Sabrina Sabrina

    Make your own Prayer Bead Necklace or 'Mala'

    Make your own Prayer Bead Necklace or 'Mala' I had wanted to learn to make traditional Mala bead necklaces for awhile. This experience is very private and small. There are about 5 working stations. The teacher is very helpful. Although they had limited supplies to make jewelry with. I wish they had a better selection of beads. They hardly had anything. It is more of a store as opposed to a place for a class. The teacher explained that she had a baby 2 weeks ago. So I just thought she had been too busy to get products. We chose from the limited amount of beads. Then you are supposed to choose a pendant to put on. Everyone we picked was gone. I had brought things from home luckily but I felt bad for my friends because they basically had to just pick whatever was left. Which had little meaning to them. I had imagined a wall full of beads to choose from. Nice music in the background, a meditative experience and a cool product to take home. If this is your vision too, this is not really it. The staff was nice but other than that it wasn't really the experience I was looking for. I hired a driver from Ubud (about an hour with traffic) and paid for 3 of us to take the class. I have mixed feelings because the teacher was nice but without her I feel the rest of it was not really worth it. I would make sure they have a better selection of materials before you sign up.

  • Owen Owen

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry For our first wedding anniversary I wanted to make it special and coming here sure did! The staff were amazing and so very helpful! The quality of the jewelry we produced was fantastic, they stepped us through the process and helped us out if we got stuck. Truly a great place to go to learn how to make jewelry and take that special item home.

    My wife and I love our rings we made for each other and couldn't be happier about the experience - Highly recommended :)

  • Miruna Miruna

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry We really loved our experience making couple jewellery at House of Alaia! Ayu and the team were patient in explaining and helping us through the process. We liked our custom rings so much that we had another one made for a relative too. It was an interesting out-of-the-ordinary holiday experience, and one we will definitely consider doing again on another visit to Bali!

  • Katie Katie

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry

    Celebrate your Love with your own Couple Jewelry We decided long before our wedding in April to make each other's wedding bands on honeymoon in Bali. Whilst there we did a bit of searching online and decided to go with the govoyagin experience in Canggu based on past reviews. We definitely made the right choice. The whole day was fab. We had so much fun and now have the most perfect wedding rings that mean so much more because of how we made them. We also ended up buying some extra pieces from the shop as they have some great stuff in there. Would recommend for couples like us but also for others who want to make other styles of ring or pendants etc.