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I started calligraphy at age four and got an instructor license in 2001.
At present time, I am actively working to spread the excellence of japanese handwriting.
In February 2013, "japan sur la route des festivit", the documentary movie directed by Julie Corbeil and Ugo Monticone featured Japanese calligraphy in Montreal. This was written in Canadian paper, QuebecJapon.

I established an design office in 2011 and am in charge of this office since then.
Since then, I have participated in some activities based on art direction and graphic design.
The concept of my design is "connect with your mind and always stays on your mind."
I also take part in some seminars at educational institutions or companies as an Adobe application instructor.

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4 Reviews for Seika

  • Evangelina Evangelina

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy Seika was a very generous teacher - she did not only share the technical hard stuff of calligraphy, but she let us into her heart why she shares this tradition & cultural highlight of Japanese culture. This was the center piece of our Osaka tour & experience. We did not only didcover our selves through this art form, we also made friends in Seika & her uber talented father.

  • Julia Julia

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy Seika was absolutely fantastic right from the beginning. She confirmed our booking almost immediately and provided very detailed instruction for directions including a Google maps link and a trip advisor link for the restaurant she works out of. Look for the yellow happy man. The class itself was brilliant. Seika was very in tune with what she was teaching and really made you think about what you were doing. She was a great mix of teaching, showing and letting you do it yourself. We even made the ink to start with! My husband also enjoyed the class even though he was initially very uninterested. The room itself is small and you sit Japanese style which is all part of the charm and experience but may provide difficult for anyone who is taller.

    Seika asked us for the word/phrase we would like to put on our take home souvenir (postcard) and was very accommodating. Her english is quite good, we didn't have any trouble communicating at all.

    Overall a fantastic experience that I would HIGHLY recommend to people of all ages.

  • Sharna Sharna

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy I had a fantastic Shodo experience with Seika. Shodo and learning Japanese calligraphy has always interested me and I was very excited to be able to do this while holidaying in Japan. The lesson was well-taught and fun. Seika herself is incredible. She is talented, passionate, kind and fun. Her English is also quite good. She made us feel right at home and gave us an experience we will never forget. I will treasure it forever. Thank you Seika.

  • Vanessa Vanessa

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy

    Experience Shodo - The Art of Calligraphy This was an excellent experience. I wanted an authentic Japanese experience for myself and my 2 adult daughters. It was perfect. Seika was fun and thoughtful and skilled at what she does. Thank you Seika. We had fun while learning a Japanese skill and taught Seika some Australian slang... it was a great time.
    My only tip is that a easy identified meeting point is arranged. Like a specific building or bus stop. We gave a taxi driver the address in Japanese and he just dropped us in the area. We were lost for some time. Thank you for coming and getting us Seika.