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Hi! We are offering a walking tour around beautiful Nara. This tour departs from Kyoto and you will reach Nara in less than an hour by train. You will be visiting some of Nara's most famous sightseeing spots such as Todaiji Temple, The Great Buddha, Nara Park, and Kofukuji Temple.

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  • Iaong Iaong

    Half-day Morning Walking Tour of Nara from Kyoto by Train

    Half-day Morning Walking Tour of Nara from Kyoto by Train The comfy shoes are for your comfort and you do walk a bit, but that’s not anything new while being in Japan. This is a group tour so yes, there is a time crunch. My tour guide was awesome! She is very informative and gave us the history of the spots we visited. She also gave some leisure time, as much time allowed as it is a tour. It does feel like a brief visit but it is only a half day tour- I still enjoyed it very much. Only negative thing I can say is having to wait for our group to gather; there were some people who would disappear and the guide would have to go find them, which wasted time, and we all ended up rushing back to the station. So please, if you book this tour, please be considerate and understand that it only is half a day and please don’t break away from the group.