Ginza Hirayama Wagyu Beef (銀座ひらやま)

Ginza Hirayama Wagyu Beef (銀座ひらやま)

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Hi we are Ginza Hirayama Wagyu Beef (銀座ひらやま) Look forward to meeting you!

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  • Stephen Stephen

    Reserve Ginza Hirayama Wagyu Beef Restaurant in Tokyo!

    Reserve Ginza Hirayama Wagyu Beef Restaurant in Tokyo! The meal was pretty good but definitely not worth the price. The chef is not very accommodating to foreigners, unfortunately. There is no English menu, and he will (kind of) only explain the most expensive option to you if you can't understand Japanese.

    My biggest gripe is that I ordered the most expensive tasting menu option (since that was tye only one the chef bothered to go through). It did not include a sashimi course. Other patrons (that were Japanese) got something else, and yet they ended up with the exact same food I had PLUS a sashimi course! Sure, there may have been some sort of misunderstanding or communication breakdown, but I don't understand how the most expensive option ended up with less food.

    I also did not get to pick my dessert and was simply given a slice of chestnut cream cake and a small scoop of green tea ice cream I noticed other patrons specified a dessert and got something else, like a creme caramel (which I would have preferred).

    During all of this, the chef didn't bother speaking to me after the initial menu review. His helpers were great, however.

    In conclusion, although the meal was good, it's not worth the price. Try Omotesando Ukai-tei for a better meal at a lower price (they even have a dessert ROOM).