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We offer a day tirp to go to Naoshima!
The tour starts from Shinosaka.
It lasts an half day.

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2 Reviews for KOWA

  • Lydia Lydia

    10% OFF Round Trip Tickets between Osaka and Naoshima

    10% OFF Round Trip Tickets between Osaka and Naoshima I highly recommend a visit to this island if not for anything, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Naoshima is a beautiful island with nature all around. I recommend a stay at the chalets or the Benesse Hotel if you want to take in more of the sights of the island.
    The tour was well managed and the driver was prompt and efficient. My only gripe was that the meeting time was given at 650am but just the day before the trip, I was sent an email that said my journey starts at 6am! This led to a frantic 40min long wait at the bus terminal where the place was completely empty except for a few kind strangers who assured me I was at the right location at Shin Osaka station.
    Other than that, the ferry ride was pleasant (though our bus arrived 1 hr early at the ferry station) and the fellow passengers were friendly, it a great chance to make new friends indeed.
    Tip: If you wish to visit other islands, I recommend staying overnight at Naoshima and then visiting Teshima Island, where you will see the beautiful artwork by Rei Naito at the Teshima Museum. It was an almost religious experience and one can easily hop on a ferry from Naoshima for a short 20min ride. I will sure to be island hopping for my next Naoshima experience.

    I heard from other passengers that they chose to take this tour as it was cheaper than taking the Shikansen and more convenient if you are travelling from Osaka. The best ride was about 3 hrs long but it was a great experience to view the Japan rural scenery plus we stopped at a really lovely well stocked rest stop along the way for 15 mins.

    I highly recommend this tour!

  • Mauricio Mauricio

    10% OFF Round Trip Tickets between Osaka and Naoshima

    10% OFF Round Trip Tickets between Osaka and Naoshima The visit to Naoshima should not be missed! It is great. I was expecting though the tour would have a guide as it was not very clear to me when I booked. Anyways, this was not a problem to get around the Island. Have lunch at Benesse and don't miss the James Turrel at Chichu Museum and Minamdera.