Betty's Mayonnaise

Betty's Mayonnaise

  • English (Intermediate)
  • 日本語 (Fluent)

Betty's Mayonnaise offers you a unique drag queens show in Osaka area, and it is the most famous spot of post-op trans-sexual in Osaka. Betty's Mayonnaise is the place where the term of 'New Half' was first used. Highlights your night out activities in Osaka by visiting Betty's Mayonnaise with your friends or family!

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  • Sally Sally

    Join Betty's Mayonnaise Drag Show in Osaka!

    Join Betty's Mayonnaise Drag Show in Osaka! All the staff including the performers were excellent and super friendly. Even though I was by myself and only English speaking person they went out of their way to make me feel welcome! You get to chat with one of the girls before the show, and though it was an effort for her she spoke English with me. It was great night!!!