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My name is Shibata Vanessa. I'm the head of a ninja-samurai clan named Musashi Ichizoku. If you study a bit of the Japanese history, you'll come across a name "Shibata Katsuie" , my ancestor who fought the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583.

Our ancestors worked for Tokugawa Shogunate Government for 265 years, and we have kept our traditions to this date.
I started a ninja tour to offer international visitors, especially families, a chance to see something authentic and interesting at the same time, in addition to introducing our legacy to the general public in Japan and to giving my young shinobi friends some chances to share their arts and thoughts.
My dojo (training place) is located near a JR station.
At our dojo in Tokyo, you'll see nimpo taijutsu based on my samurai-ninja weapon-smith family legacy of 420 years. We'll show you the very basics skills of a ninja, which are perhaps enough for the general public who want to get a glimpse of our legacy. Coming here, you will find that there are still shinobis in the world today.

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  • Vicente Vicente

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques My Gosh this such an Unforgettable Experience!

  • Kate Kate

    Be a Ninja: Learn Three Basic Techniques

    Be a Ninja: Learn Three Basic Techniques My 7y.o. is into all things ninja, so instead of going to Disneyland we have decided to do a Ninja Course and i am so glad we made that choice! It was truly incredible to learn the history and traditions of the host's family that they try to share with the world.
    I wasn't surprised to hear that my son enjoyed it, but even my husband, who is not into martial arts or things like that was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and got really inspired by the "Ninja philosophy".
    We will definitely do it again next time we in Tokyo. Highly recommended!

  • Greg Greg

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques My son and I visited and were blown away with the experience.

    We got an understanding of the Ninja history and culture.

    Well worth the visit, thanks

  • Vincent Vincent

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques To sum it all up, you're learning directly from masters of the art with a long lineage and history in Ninjas and Samurais.

    This is one of the most unique and authentic experiences you can get in Japan. Unlike places elsewhere where you experience ninjas from actors, this is the real deal, as real as it can be. From the actual techniques to the reasons behind them, coupled with the history of it all. The host Vanessa had made it such an experience for my wife and I from the moment we stepped into the dojo. And we needn't worry about any language barrier as Vanessa's command of English is very good.

    I won't reveal too much, you've got to experience it yourself :)

  • Erin Erin

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques

    Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques This was honestly one of THE COOLEST things we've ever experienced.

    The history of the family itself blew us away, and it is such a privilege to have spent time with real life members of a family maintaining, preserving, and sharing the art and tradition. We were entranced by the array of weapons, tools, and knowledge of herbs, and of how ninja were completely different than samurai. As Vanessa (the current head of the clan and our host) translated the words of the instructor (her son, I think?), I so enjoyed her deadpan seriousness mixed with playfulness. She is the scariest and most intimidating of all!

    The five techniques have a philosophy that goes with each one of them, and I couldn't help but think how applicable the philosophies were to mundane, non-ninja life too. That is, in the time I had to think while I was trying to sneak around, block sword attacks, throw shuriken, and successfully blow a dart at my target! My husband made a much better ninja than I did, but luckily Vanessa said there are only three ranks of ninja: beginner, good enough, and not good enough! We're still beginners, so I get a pass ;)

    Both my husband and I had a complete blast, and he couldn't stop smiling for hours afterward because he got to fulfill a childhood dream.
    I think it was Vanessa's husband who was in the room also? He was gracious enough to take my husband's cell phone and take all sorts of pictures (100+!) of us in our garb at each stage of training. You won't be lacking for cool Facebook photos to make your friends jealous with! ...oops! Ninjas aren't supposed to have egos :P

    DO NOT pass over this opportunity. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS FOR YOURSELF.