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I love my hometown, Nagano! I grew up in Nagano and lived in Vancouver island, Canada for 10 years. I worked as a tour guide. I have been offering Japanese fermented food workshops (Miso making, Amazake, Pickles) for 6 years in Canada.

It is my honest desire to connect the local community with its Japanese countryside lifestyle and ancient wisdom of local farm food and the world. We could learn a lot from each other to live a healthy and happy life.

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  • Annie Annie

    10% OFF Fermented food & sake tour! Discover Hidden Japan!

    10% OFF Fermented food & sake tour! Discover Hidden Japan! Eriko is fantastic! As a pickling geek I wanted to learn all I could about Japanese fermented foods. Eriko answered all my questions, and explained all about tsukemono (Japanese pickles), miso making, soy sauce making!, nukazuke (pickles in rice bran), amazake. It is possible to learn about sake as well.

    Eriko catered the day to my requests and pre-arranged everything. We visited communal organic gardens in an idyllic setting by a river. We watched rice being husked in a communal (coin operated!) rice processing facility where locals bring their rice to be husked . We had a home visit with a Japanese cook who showed me her special traditional pickling techniques and had the most splendid and delicious lunch with a full explanation not only of the unique foods but also the traditions in setting the table and eating it. I chose miso making over sake making as a last activity and Eriko was very happy to arrange the day to my needs. She is a good communicator and even researched some of my questions further and emailed me with more history.

    I had travelled in Japan for almost a month before getting to Nagano and still tasted so many new foods on my day with Eriko. I am an experienced gardener and cook and I learned so much about traditional Japanese vegetable food preparation and gardening from our one day together. I would spend much more time in Nagano,do a temple stay here, on my next visit and absolutely use Eriko as my guide. I recommend this trip and guide whole heartedly