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Waraku is a team preparing the best Japanese cultural experiences for you.
From samurais to dancing and music, we provide not only the experience but the mind and heart behind the arts of the culture.
We hope to see you soon!!

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  • Ali Ali

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience This Samurai Experience was so much more than just welding a Katana. We learned about the history of samurai and the history of the samurai mansion we were in. We learned the proper way to hold the katana and one move/attack/kata. We cut a thick bamboo tatami cylinder mat and then spent time learning and participating in zen through music and short meditation. This was a wonderful experience and we're so happy we did this. The experience is translated in perfect English and you get to wear traditional samurai clothes. 100% recommend!

  • Stacey Stacey

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience A good overview of Samurai culture and history was accompanied by demonstrations with the kanata. Then, dressed in our samurai robes we got to practice and wield both wooden and real kanatas. This was followed by meditation and an opportunity to ask questions. As we left, the children were given toy kanatas which they played with throughout the rest of the day. It was, by far, their favourite experience in Japan so far.

  • George George

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience Did this today and it was great! Really authentic feel, not gimmicky at all and a must see if you're in kyoto and have ever wanted to handle a live katana. The interpreters are really helpful, the swordmaster is awesome and all are really warm and welcoming. Great stuff!

  • Charisse Charisse

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience Yuta, Elle, Master and staff thank you so much for an amazing experience! Yuta was able to meet my boyfriend and I at the Hankyu Railway Station along with others in our group and it was a fun walk to the actual location. For this experience, we had a camera crew from Japan TV tape our session.

    It was exciting to learn the history of the home, samurai and the intent behind "The Way of the Warrior." I can appreciate the thorough training we received. It makes you feel you are a real samurai warrior and the staff focuses on each person in the group. Amazing to see Master's skills in person and get exposure to zen meditation. Great for individuals, couples and families.

    When in Kyoto, this is a must!

  • Meghan Meghan

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience

    Authentic Kyoto Samurai Experience We did the class with only 3 of us, so it was a really intimate experience. The teacher, Elle, and the assistant were all hands on and eager to ensure we get the best samurai experience they have on offer.

    We started with a short history of the house, where Elle spoke about how the property was more than 250 years old and was owned by a Samurai who worked at Nijo Castle during the Edo period. It really set the mood knowing there is so much history in our surroundings at that moment.

    The demonstration was surreal and we can tell that the teacher really knew his stuff. He took a lot of care handling the katana sword, showing it respect everytime he laid his hands on them.

    I'm glad I was able to slice off my bamboo when it was my turn to wield the sword.

    We also had tea and some zen meditation. It was an hour and a half of going back in time.

    Definitely recommend this experience for anyone who wants to do something unique in Kyoto, away from the crowds.