Okinawa WEST

Okinawa WEST

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Okinawa Cruise offers cruising and kayak tour around Okinawa area. Depending on the courses, guests can enjoy Japanese, French, Italian, or Spanish cuisine for sunset or dinner cruise.

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2 Reviews for Okinawa WEST

  • Bernadette Bernadette

    Sunset or Night Cruising Tour in Okinawa (Gorgeous Dinner)

    Sunset or Night Cruising Tour in Okinawa (Gorgeous Dinner) We took this dinner cruise to celebrate my husband's birthday.
    We had to take a u-turn from the highway into a parking lot, pass a safety guard, and park. We sat in a waiting area (maybe 5 minutes) and were picked up by a shuttle that took us to the Moby Dick (boat's name).

    We were the first there and the salad buffet was ready to go. There was no waiting time.
    The buffet included everything you'd expect in a salad, several dressing options, hot tea, coffee, etc.

    Our courses started arriving shortly after. The presentation was great.
    We went to the deck to admire the view several times and our waiter would come find us to let us know the next course was coming to our table.

    The live musician announced that it was my husband's birthday and sang to him. The crew brought him a specially made drink and they took a photo of us on their camera.

    Maybe 5 minutes later, our waiter came back with a printed photo inside a wooden frame.

    Beautiful service, wonderful views, and fun experience. Thank you!

  • Chelsea Chelsea

    Sunset or Night Cruising Tour in Okinawa (Gorgeous Dinner)

    Sunset or Night Cruising Tour in Okinawa (Gorgeous Dinner) When we arrived we were greeted and sent to our assigned seats. It was a great atmosphere. I love the live music that played during our dinner. The courses came out in a timely manner, one after the other. The steak dinner was just enough and tasted delicious. Our host was great she was very friendly and answered any question we had. Once you finish dessert, I suggest going on the deck to take pictures. There were sevrtal crew members eagerly waiting to take your picture.It was really nice. We will do it again!