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K Bus offers travel and transportation services in Kansai area. With K Bus, guests can travel around the Kansai area safely with no hassles. K Bus also offers city sightseeing tour plans as well.

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  • Virginie Virginie

    Enjoy Maiko Show & Kyoto Cuisine in Gion, Kyoto!

    Enjoy Maiko Show & Kyoto Cuisine in Gion, Kyoto! This tour is probably good for Japanese speakers.
    As the only non-native speaker, I was given a 'translator' device that was giving me the key info but nothing more.
    We have received no explanation on the cuisine, just were served dinner. That's it.
    The show was great but easily bookable on your own at the venue on the spot.
    The city by night view was nice but it's a 5minutes view worth, with no explanation other than in Japanese.
    Very disappointed as there was no English tour guide.