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Hi! We are Luke and Megumi. We live in Asakusa.
Would you like to join us on for our Japanese cultural classes? We offer Japanese language and Japanese chess classes in our condominium. Have fun while learning new things with us!

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  • David David

    Take a Japanese Language Class for beginners in Asakusa!

    Take a Japanese Language Class for beginners in Asakusa! This language class was an excellent way to start my trip to Japan. Megumi was kind and professional and never made me feel insecure about my inability to communicate in Japanese. We worked through a pair of units in a textbook covering how to ask for directions and how to order food at a restaurant. Then, we did a bit of role playing as a waiter and a restaurant patron. Finally, we practiced some hiragana and I decoded a puzzle written on the board. At the end of the lesson, Megumi took some time to tell me about the part of Tokyo I was staying in and offered me advice about things I could see and do there. She had a map and many resources printed out for me that I could take. I will certainly do this experience again if I return to Tokyo in the future. I highly recommend it.